Jorge Luis Bernal at ENO Wine Bar

JLBernal Mal PaisCHAL artist Jorge Luis Bernal presents Boundaries, the tenth solo exhibit in a series of CHAL artists featured at ENO, the wine bar managed by the Four Seasons Hotel. The location is 2810 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC. The exhibit runs through November 30th. To see more of his work, visit

Jorge’s most recent paintings are influenced by the brilliant light, colorful sunsets, earth tones and ancient architecture of the American Southwest, where he is a part-time resident.  “I find inspiration in the surrounding mountains, landscape and huge horizons in my backyard, blending it all by juxtaposing imagery and presenting a distinctly contemporary vision. The paintings appear to be simple, minimal constructions of horizontal bands with often undulating vertical lines depicting mountains shapes, rivers, coyote fences and attempting to induce emotions and reflection or a meditative state through the use color. I consider my work visual conversations about life choices, overcoming challenges and the meaning of spirit.”