Chance Encounters from Cathy Abramson at ENO Wine Bar

Cathy Abramson
Opening September 3rd at the ENO Wine Bar in Georgetown – the first solo exhibit in a series of CHAL artists at the wine bar managed by the Four Seasons Hotel. Location is 2810 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC. This exhibit runs through September 25th.

The opening reception with the artist is Wednesday September 17th, 6:30-8:30pm on the second floor of the wine bar.

Chance Encounters” explores the mysterious, temporary, and incongruous nature of random encounters in an urban setting. The viewer is pulled into the painting as though witnessing an event and can feel the immediacy of the scene. And, the more one examines a painting, the more it reveals about random encounters, emotions, and what lies beneath the surface. The four images in the “Gallery After Hours” series are reflections and refractions of urban landscapes that occur when the passerby, the gallery goer or the musician at the reception, interacts with the artwork and gallery space in a fragmented, unintentional way. They then become part of the painting. The viewer becomes disoriented when viewing these images seen through windows and reflections. Are they passive observers or are they part of the event.

Gallery After Hours 3