Aina Nergaard-Nammack featured at ENO Wine Bar

CHAL artist Aina Nergaard-Nammack is presenting the second solo exhibit in a series of CHAL artists at the wine bar managed by the Four Seasons Hotel. Location is 2810 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC. This exhibit runs through October 29th.

FRAGMENTS OF CLASSICAL MUSIC: While I listen to a determined piece, I start  painting large brush strokes in accordance of what I am listening to. I get immersed in the music and my brush hits the canvas in different  directions  and  tempo. At times I have two  or three brushes in my hand,  different sizes and different colors, and I use them  as the music tells me to.  I am not thinking of what I do, but anytime a brush stroke appears on the canvas, I move away  to really look at the composition and decide what direction I will take next.  I pause many times, to avoid a chaos that could start if I am not careful.  When I am painting, I use my whole arm and my body and paint somehow away from the canvas so that I can continually see from a distance, what I am doing.


AinaNammack #1432 Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons, AUTUMN, 24x24