Twists and Turns 2022

Welcome to Capitol Hill Art League show. If  you would like to inquire about purchasing art that is for sale, please contact us at:
Twists and Turns suggest labyrinthine mystery, surprising changes perhaps hard to follow. This
exhibit invites artists to interpret what emerges from engaging with the theme, to go beyond.
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Karen Van Allen – Freedom II – 1st Place
Ken Bachman – Symphony of Foliage – 2nd Place
Bennett Lowenthal – Istanbul, 2002 – 3rd Place
Sally Canzoneri – DCA – Ceiling #1 – Honorable Mention
Tara Hamilton – Scout Navigates the Ferns – Honorable Mention
Sharon Thomas Parks – Steel Case Soft Center II – Honorable Mention
Karen Cohen – The Space Between – Honorable Mention