Members 2023

Lillian Abensohn — Acrylic
Gregg Adams — Photography
Anne Albright — Watercolor & Acrylic
John Allen — Digital Collage, Mixed Media, Photography, and Sound Art
Linda Andreatta — Chalk Pastel
Ken Bachman — Oil
Amy Bandel — Encaustics
Anne Barnes — Painting/Bookmaking
Tammy Barnes — Murals, Acrylic Paintings, Upcycle Art
Andre Barnett — Acrylic
Jeffrey Berg — Drawing
Sufie Berger — Painting
Lisa Bernstein — Oil painting
Kimberly Brammer — Oil Paint
Heather Brewster — Charcoal
Julie Byrne — Pencil/ Photography
Sally Canzoneri — Photography, Artists Books, and Sculptural Paper Works
Judith Capen — Eggs and Mixed
Maria-Helena Carey — Photography
Tyler Carroll — Painting
Tom Chabolla — Acrylic On Canvas
Maria-Victoria Checa — Oil, Acrylic, Watercolors
Marilyn Christiano — Photography
Karen Cohen — Photography, Digital Art, Repurposed Art, Painting
Julian Davies — Oil on canvas
Martin deAlteriis — Mixed
Suzannah Dichter
Gabrielle Doyle — Mixed Media
Karin Edgett — Painting, Photography, Poetry
Rebecca Emmerich — Oil and Acrylic Paint
Nancy Ennis — Oil
Molly Fitzgerald — Acrylic and guache
Stephanie Genco — Acrylic paint
Ashita Gona
Matthew Gonzales — Oil
David Gootnick — Mixed Media — Wood, Paper, Cloth
Mary-Elizabeth Gosselink — Abstract Painting
Gloria Grandolini — Photography
Tom Greaves — Mixed
Emily Grumbling — Graphite/Charcoal/Acrylic
G.M. Guernica — Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting
Daniel Haas — Watercolor
Tara Hamilton — Watercolor
Allen Hirsh — Digital Art
Michelle Honey — Oil
Deborah Hurtt — Oils and Gouache
Jim Huttinger — Black & White Analogue Photography
Vince Iannacchione — Watercolor, Pastel, Charcoal
Tamora Ilasat — Mixed Media, Painting and Works On Paper
Christopher Irwin — digital, oil, charcoal, pastel, graphite
Eric Johnson — Photography
Camille Kouyoumdijian — Acrylic/Mixed Media
Steve Kunin — Photography
JoAnn Laboy — Abstract Painting, Mixed Media
Elisabeth Lacayo — Acrylic On Canvas
Victoria Lakes — Acrylic, Oil, Gouache, Watercolor, Pen and Ink
Jade Lamb — Asian Brush Painting, Watercolor
Dee Ann Layton
Eileen Leahy — Pastels, Clay Sculpture
Bennett Lowenthal — Photography
Steve Mabley — Oil, Gouache
Lynn Mallonee-Schlimm — Watercolor, Ink
Nipun Manda — Contemporary Mixed Media
David Mann — Printmaking
Jane Mann — Photography
Charles Martin — Oil Painting
Kate McConnell — Oil and Gouache
Mary Fran Miklitsch — mixed media
Katie Mitchell — Colored Pencil, Watercolor
Steve Moen — Oil Painting
Hernan Murno — Mixed Media
Raina Nelson — collage/multi-media
Rindy O’Brien — Photography
Parisa Parsafar — Acrylic Painting
Caroline Peters
Martha Pope — Pastel
J.R. Randall — Pencils
Meera Rao — Watercolor
Nan Raphael — Mixed Media- Ink/Photogrphy
Felicia Reed — Fiber Art
Grace Reynolds — Abstract Art
John Rohrback — Drawing/Painting
Carolyn Rondthaler — Watercolor
Rebecca Rothey — Photography, Drawing, Watercolor
Marilyn Saks-McMillion — Photography
Debbie Sease — Watercolor
Anne Shields — Pastel
Adam Sneed — Acrylic
Joseph Springer — Digital Painting and Photography
Nafia Syeed — Mixed Media
Rifat Taher — Multidisciplinary Artist
Anne Thomas — Watercolor
Sharon Thomas-Parks — Steel & Fabric
Anne Thompson — Painting
Erin Thompson — Pen, Ink, Watercolor
Ragnar Thoresen — Oil Painting, Woodcuts
Catherine Toulsaly — Marble
Alexandra Treadaway-Hoare — Watercolor
Karen Van Allen — Abstract Acrylic Painting
Rosa Inez Vera — Painting and Mixed Media
Ting Wang — Photography
Cissy Webb — NA
Robert Weinstein — Photo
Elin Whitney-Smith — Watercolor
Jennifer Wilkinson — Collage, paper mosaic
Carol Williams — Textiles
Jan Zastrow — Collage/Mixed Media
Kathleen Zeifang — Oil
Karen Zens — Mixed Water Media, Artist Books and Paper Sculptures