CHAL Resource Page

Wood Panels

  • Inner Glo wood painting panels produced by the artist Bill Ewing in West Chester, Pa. Incredibly durable and warp resistant, primed on both sides, and are available in about a dozen standard sizes running from 5 x 7″ to 30 x 36″.
  • Framing, Mats, etc.

    Photo Printing and Framing

    Photographs of Your Art

    • For Photo Images of your 2d or 3d art work: Greg Staley Photographer.


    • Art Prints art prints and photographic prints (and if you enter “TWEET-Erin Thompson” in the registration box when you create your accounts, Erin will get a small referral credit, and you should get a $10 new customer credit!)
    • Prints of Note Cards, etc. printed note cards, packaging stickers, etc.

    Refrigerator Magnets