Monthly Archives: October 2019

November 11-December 11 Carolyn Rondthaler at Velocity Condos

November 11  – December 11, Velocity Condos at the Capitol Riverfront  will feature watercolor exhibit, called LET IT SNOW by CHAL member, Carolyn Rondthaler, in Velocity conference room. After Dec. 11, the conference room will be undergoing renovations and no artwork will be on exhibit from CHAL till further notice.

Located: 1025 1st St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Sunday Art Critique Group Meetings

CHAL’s new weekend critique group will be held the first Sunday of the month.

Date: Nov. 3.   Time: 3pm-5pm.

Meeting Place: Hoangmai Pham (Mai is a CHAL member): 1231 C St NE.  Mai’s house is a 20-minute walk from the metro or the D6 from Union Station stops a block away.

Please bring 1 or 2 pieces to share.  All CHAL members are welcome to join us.

RSVP appreciated to Deb Hurtt:

The Tuesday CHAL critique group still meets the first Tuesday of every month 10am-12 noon              Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. Organizer: Carolyn Rondthaler

New!! Weekend Art Critique Group for CHAL Members

The first meeting of a new critique group to be held on a weekend day will be Saturday, October 19, 10-12 in the CHAW art studio upstairs. Please bring work you would like to receive feedback on–1 or 2 pieces and offer positive and constructive comments.

RSVPs and questions are welcome:
CHAL member: Deb Hurtt and Steering Committee member: Carolyn Rondthaler will direct the group. Carolyn runs the ongoing monthly Tuesday mornings Art Critique Group 10am-12 for CHAL members. 

POP up Gratitude Nov. Show

CHAL  POP-UP Exhibit
Theme: Gratitude
Exhibit Dates: Nov. 2-Dec. 15, 2019
Location: Office of Dr. Nishan Halim, 27 Sixth St NE
For this exhibit, CHAL express their artistic representation of GRATITUDE: – a feeling/emotion, a trait, an expression, a motivator/purpose, a behavior, a sense of well being……..

Participating artists/members are: Karin Edgett, Ann Pickett, Carolyn Rondthaler, Gloria Grandolini, Jeffrey Levine, Rindy O’ Brien, Elizabeth Eby, and JoAnn Lamicella Laboy (also our Exhibit manager).

Dr. Halim and his staff invites the public to a party/ reception on Friday, Nov. 15th from 5:30 to 7:30pm

Joann Laboy and Dr. Nishan Halim (shown here.)