Membership Info

An overview of membership details is provided on this page. If you would like full details of membership in CHAL, please reference the CHAL Handbook which you can find here.

How to Become A Member

Membership is open to anyone 18 and over. The membership fee is $50 for one year beginning August 31 plus a commitment to volunteer several times during the year. Non-volunteering members pay an additional annual fee, $90—the non-volunteering option is intended only for those artists who are truly not able to contribute time to Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL). College students with valid ID pay $25; volunteering is required for student members. The fee is prorated during the year for new members only; continuing members pay the full rate each year, regardless of when membership is renewed. The membership application form for the current season is available here.

Membership Benefits and Involvement

Member benefits include submitting work for exhibits, receiving juror feedback, attending openings for the juror’s talk and meeting with fellow artists and gallery visitors and managing sales opportunities through gallery exhibits and events.

Members may choose to assist with a variety of activities including receiving, jurying, coordinating monthly openings, managing web design and maintenance, and developing workshop and exhibit events outside the CHAW gallery.

Submission of Work

Members can submit up to three pieces of work for each juried CHAL show for a non-refundable entry fee of $5 for one work, $9 for two works or $12 for three works.  If two or three pieces are sold as a unit (not separately), then these constitute a diptych or triptych and are counted as one submission. If an artist submits two or three pieces to be displayed as a unit but are to be sold as multiple units, then these pieces count as two or three submissions (respectively). Only original works finished in the last three years may be submitted. Copies are not accepted, even of your own work including giclées. Photos and digital manipulations are considered original. There are no size limits if we can accommodate the piece in our gallery.  There is a weight limit for two-dimensional wall-mounted pieces of 30 pounds.


Works must adhere to CHAL guidelines, framing and presentation requirements. See the handbook for details. It is important to understand the framing and presentation requirements. Any works that do not conform to these requirements will not be permitted to be submitted at in-person receiving. Any pieces accepted to a digital-submission exhibit that are delivered and do not conform to these requirements will not be hung in the exhibit until required changes are made. Work previously exhibited in a CHAL juried exhibit may not be resubmitted for any subsequent juried CHAL exhibits. All work must be for sale. No prices may be changed after work is entered. And all works accepted into and presented in a juried exhibit must remain in the show until it closes. An exception may be made only in the case of out-of-town buyers.


An invited juror who is not a CHAL member selects each month’s exhibit. Our jurors are regionally or nationally recognized and are professors, teachers, museum curators and gallery owners. Each exhibit is solely the choice of its juror—CHAL does not control the selection of work. Having a different juror each month assures variety in successive exhibits and broader opportunities for member artists.


CHAL artists receive 75% of the sale price, with payment sent a month later. 25% commission is retained by CHAW and applied to gallery costs, exhibit expenses, special events and art classes. CHAL refrains from price negotiations and encourages members to adhere to this policy after work leaves the gallery/exhibition. All payments from art sales  are made electronically via direct deposit to the artist’s checking account. Members must mail a vendor information form to Nicholas Peterson ( Direct deposit will appear within 2 weeks of payment request form.


It is understood that the artist will not undersell the Art League. Members are expected to remit to CHAL a percentage of any sales made through CHAL or through CHAL’s direct contact or referral. All sales handled through CHAL are subject to a 25% commission. If, through CHAL, a patron wishes to see additional work by an artist and a studio visit is arranged, a sale is made, and the artist handles the entire process, the artist owes a 10% referral fee to CHAL.

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